Complimentary Investor Resources: Past Research and The Great Reset Project.

I offer several white papers as well as services in order to assist with your financial planning. Many of you are already subscribed to Dash (and if you’re not, you should be!) but I am also working on The Great Reset Project which you may also be interested in.

The Great Reset is about analyzing, dreaming, and thinking out of the box. The current crisis will challenge many companies, and some will not make it. The best stocks and sectors will be much different.

I have identified this as a crucial area for research. I will send email updates to members and also discuss some ideas in this area. I am hoping to draw upon suggestions from readers. We have all come to recognize the wisdom of crowds. I am blessed with a great crowd of readers!

If you want to join us in this project, sign up below. You can change your mind later, but I hope you won’t. There will not be an avalanche of email, but you might enjoy checking in here to see the discussion.

In addition, you may also be interested in a Free Portfolio analysis which I also offer. Click below on which service you might be interested in (multiple choice is acceptable).

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