What’s it all about….

Why write any of this?  For the best reason:  It is in there and it wants to come out!  Some traders and investors just want to play the game.  Others, like the OldProf, are analyzing, asking why, and trying to figure out whether we were lucky or good.

Mostly I am writing this for myself — at least for the moment.  I have a number of ideas that fit a few specific themes.  There are some interesting notions that could be made better with some reaction and comment, and that is a good use for blogging.  Since I have had some happy consumers of my teaching over the years, maybe it will eventually produce something of more general interest.  For now, this is my workshop, but I open it to comments from anyone who shares the goals of understanding markets better and trading them effectively.

Like many other beginning bloggers I am using this as a way of quickly capturing thoughts during the working day or at odd hours.  I plan to identify some of the major themes right away, even though no particular proof is offered.  These are themes that represent conclusions I have reached — either tentative or firm.  I expect to offer persuasive argument, evidence, and examples as the occasion suits.

This is not a trading blog in the sense that I will describe most of my trades or my daily thoughts.  I will, however, identify some opportunities.  On other occasions I will present a situation that seems to be an opportunity and invite comment about how best to exploit it.

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