Want to see a secret message to investment advisors?

I want to share something that most investors will never see — a pitch directed to the investment manager.

If you read this carefully, and think about it, you will see why it is so popular to sell fear.

This is part of an email that I received today, with identifiers removed….The email was obviously directed to investment advisors, teaching us how to increase revenues.

I am impressed by the marketing touches about beating others to the punch and getting my "piece of the pie."  That is not at all how I think about investment advice, but perhaps I am in the minority.  I note that the gold broker also reaches for legitimacy with the 60 Minutes segment.  Most of the world has already rejected and moved on from the extreme Meredith Whitney assertions (check discussion and more links here), but the pop culture validation will play large for a few more months.

Message below:

Are you still selling only paper (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Annuities) to your clients? Click here to view the CBS 60 Minutes segment explaining the looming risk=> click for 60 Minutes segment

Tangible – Something that's "REAL"!
Tangible – GOLD and SILVER!

Start providing tangible GOLD to your clients, as part of your clients portfolio.

Help your clients Hedge against dollar devaluation and inflation!

Stay tangible to provide the stability and liquidity that your clients need and deserve!

Sell GOLD to your clients before someone else does!
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Call us today to get your piece of the pie!
This offer is available to all insurance agents or registered financial advisors

Sell GOLD to your clients before someone else does!
Call us today to learn how you get started! We offer individualized training!

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