The Election Project

We have undertaken a project to study the 2008 election with a focus on the implications for financial markets.

So far, most market observers have probably not paid much attention.   Some believe that the Democrats are likely to sweep and that this will be a disaster for U.S. equities.

At "A Dash" we prefer to study a bit before reaching conclusions.  There will be many twists and turns before the election.  As attention increases, markets will react.  We saw these swings in 2004.

Elections present interesting issues for investors.  Getting a lot of information — as early as possible — is a good strategy.

To this end we have assembled a team of paid staff, volunteers, and PhD experts to follow the electoral process.  Our plan is to link candidates to issues and ultimately to stocks.  At this stage of the pre-primary season, candidates are still forming specific issues positions.  These will change due to the pressure to win primaries.

We invite readers of "A Dash" to help in this process.  We have chosen to make our staff work public, inviting commentary.  The ultimate objective is to create two stock portfolios for each candidate — one bullish and one bearish.  We will track the candidate portfolios on  While we have already done some good research, we do not have all of the answers.  Follow the electoral process and add your own views.

Readers who have opinions about candidates or issues are invited to
help the community by posting comments at the Candidate Portfolio Forum.

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  • Momentum Stock Investing June 9, 2008  

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