TCA-ETF Update

Jeff is on the road, so I will provide the weekly update.  Jeff will comment more upon his return.

~ Renae

UPDATE:  An advantage of having a good team is that one can travel and take vacations without worry that the strategy is implemented properly.  Like anyone managing investments, we realize that there is never a pure day of vacation.  Being in touch is now possible wherever one is, especially with someone watching to give updates.  Writing on "A Dash" is lower in our priorities than making decisions, as it should be.  For the moment, we are trying to do to things:

  1. Our original concept — letting readers who are interested in evaluating ETF’s have a peek at Vince Castelli’s innovative approach.  It is our belief that many might find this useful, especially if they read our report (available free upon request) on how the model worked over an interesting five-year period.  This is not specific investor advice, but it is a factor that ETF investors might wish to consider.
  2. A specific interest on the part of some who are tracking the model.  We strongly believe that the best way to evaluate a system is by looking at the process and by reviewing long-term, carefully-constructed tests.  Having said this, many choose to make decisions on real-term developments.

To make it easier to interpret current results, we look at what we call a "cycle."  A Cycle starts when we are completely out of the market and ends when we have made another complete exit.  The current cycle is down 2.9%  For comparison, the S&P 500 is down 2.3% and the NASDAQ is down 5.2% over the same period, as of Wednesday’s close.


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