Some Vacation!

Any investment manager knows the problem.  It is important to take some time away.  Those who study vacations say that one must really disengage and the first week is barely enough to start the process.  A Chicago hotel provides a service where they take your Blackberry as you check in!  For many, that is a painful process of withdrawal.

While I can never really get away, my occasional trips to major bridge championships usually have a therapeutic effect.  As an amateur player, one cannot hope to compete with the top professionals without total concentration.  I managed a fourth-place finish in one of the two events I entered, playing only four of the thirteen days of the tournament.  Some of my business associates and clients from the world of high-level bridge won the top events and had several others had high finishes.  Many well-known people in the investment world choose this form of "relaxation."  The experience is difficult to describe to non-players, but there is a reason that many top investors, corporate leaders, and options traders find this a fascinating form of competition.

When traveling, I always follow the market and read extensively.  I am fortunate to have a talented team to implement our models and trading strategies.  Since I do not try to write as well when vacationing, there is always some catching up.

This time there is a lot to do!

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  • vacation ownership October 28, 2009  

    Being an investment manager is really a hard work, we need some vacation, good luck to you!