Some Holiday Ideas for Serious Investors

The greatest gift for many is the gift of time. No one wants to lose precious moments with family and friends, or the chance to have new experiences. That we have so much investment information is both a blessing and a curse. I have collected some ideas that I personally find useful and efficient.

There is a lot of help for investors hoping to achieve Abnormal Returns. If you are really Seeking Alpha, there are some key things to keep in mind.

There are plenty of people with perma-whatever positions – talking their books. You can avoid this by Crossing Wall Street and seeking truth from The Reformed Broker.

While some eschew economic analysis, serious investors should listen to Dr. Ed and keep an eye on central banking with a Fed Watch.

You can learn both data and ideas by tracking Advisors Perspectives.

Those seeking detailed stock knowledge rely on Fundamentalis (the fundamentals for non-Latin scholars) while those seeking food for their inner trader hungrily follow TraderFeed.

Those looking for Value Plays might find it wise to wait for The Fat Pitch and examine data with some FastGraphs.

Whatever method you choose – and there are many winning approaches – you must be willing to take a Calculated Risk.

Sound planning means that you should often take a Nerd’s Eye View, but never lose sight of The Big Picture.

You will not be swept up in dangerous fads if you have A Wealth of Common Sense. But it does not hurt to add A Dash of Insight.

I hope that others find these ideas as stimulating as I do.

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