Date Silver Bullet Band Title and Link of Story Awarded
8/2/2017 Ben Carlson The Biggest Stocks
6/3/2017 David Templeton The unfortunate Rise of the Misleading ‘Scary Chart Comparisons’again
5/28/2017 Josh Brown PPT and the “God of the Gaps”
5/20/2017 David H. Bailey Evaluation and Ranking of Market Forecasters
5/7/2017 CXO Advisory “Sell in May” Over the Long Run
3/26/2017 Charlie Bilello The Risk of a Crash Has Never Been Higher?
2/26/2017  EconompicData The Potential Return-Free Risk on Bonds
2/18/2017 Josh Brown Dodd-Frankly Speaking
2/5/2017 Jacob Wolinsky Harry Dent: The greatest crash of your life is coming in 201.
2/11/2007 Nathan Yau How to Spot Visualization Lies
1/14/2017 David Moenning Daily State Of The Markets: Alternatives – Exploration Of Investing’s Final Frontier
12/31/2016 Robert Huebscher As Seen on TV: Financial Products You Should Avoid – Lear Capital
11/27/2016 Jon Krinsky and Josh Brown There is zero evidence of a long-term correlation between stocks and the dollar
10/23/2016 Ryan Dtrick Is Another Black Monday Coming?
10/8/2016  Justin Lahart Shiller’s Powerful Market Indicator Is Sending a False Signal About Stocks This Time
10/2/2016  Tracy Allison Altman Improving vs. proving, plus bad evidence reporting.
9/13/2016 Ben Carlson How to Lie With Fed Statistics
8/13/2016 Justin Fox Government Statistics May Be Wrong, But They’re Not Manipulated
7/13/2016 Sara Eisen  CNBC Transcript: Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer Speaks with CNBC’s Sara Eisen on “Squawk on the Street” Today
6/12/2016 New Deal Democrat Dissectlng the Doomer porn du Jour
5/21/2016 Gene Epstein and A Two-Faced Indicator
New Deal Democrat No, the yield curve is NOT signaling recession
5/29/2016 Narayana Kocherlakota Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis- he explained the importance of timing of the Fed announcemnts 
5/8/2016 Jeff Reeves Opinion: If you value Tesla per car sold, you’re an idiot
4/23/2016 Jeffry Bartash Balanced assessment of recent job trends- Top paying job trends in USA
4/17/2016  Steven Saville ZeroHedge tries to create more drama out of nothing
4/10/2016 Ethan Harris There’s a new conspiracy theory about the Fed – here’s why its wrong
4/2/2016 Tim Duy Oil, Inflation Expectations, and Credibility
3/5/2016  Robert Novy-Marx Predicting anomaly performance with politics, the weather,
global warming, sunspots, and the stars
2/7/2016  Paul Hickey Investors are shying away from margin debt. Why that may not be a good thing.
1/3/2016 Matt Busigin Explains that -US Recession Callers Are Embarrassing Themselves
10/4/2015  Michelle Meyer Myth or Fact? How Some Jobs-Report Analysis Goes Wrong
9/5/2015  David Templeton

Death Cross More Of A Buy Signal?

9/12/2015  Michael Boldin  and  Jonathan H. Wright Discussion on the Effect of weather on economic data
8/30/2015  Michael Batnick and What Do People Hear?
8/30/2015 Todd Sullivan Todd Sullivan CAPE Has No Value …..
8/22/2015 Barry Ritholtz No! The Dow Death Cross! (Oh, Never Mind)
8/2/2015 Michael Batnick Analysis of Breadth and Major Market Tops
7/26/2015 Jimmy Atkinson  A Visual Guide to Useless (but Entertaining) Stock Market Indicators
7/18/2015 Fabius Maximus Zero Hedge is a model publisher for 21st C America. Be afraid.
7/4/2015 Jordan Ellenberg How Not to Be Misled by Data
6/20/2015 Pierre Lapointe Obsessing Over Profit Margins Is Good Way to Miss S&P 500 Gains
6/13/2015 Cullen Roche Financial Journalism Operating Guidelines
6/8/2015 Morgan Housel What Good Is History?
5/3/2015 Barry Ritholtz A Market Indicator That Predicts Nothing
4/26/2015 David Fabian
Investors: Don’t Fight The Stock Buybacks
4/19/2015 Ed Dolan Deconstructing ShadowStats. Why is it so Loved by its Followers but Scorned by Economists?
4/11/2015 Bill McBride Q1 Review: Ten Economic Questions for 2015
4/5/2015 Barry Ritholtz Blue Line Jumps 11 Percent
3/1/2015 Nicholas Colas and Jessica Rabe Critical analysis of  Jeff Gundlach’s  slide on the 2015 outlook: stock market analysis
12/21/2014  Jeffrey Bartash Why Wall Street should pay less attention to Philly Fed, Empire State
12/7/2014 Georg Vrba Estimating Stock Market Returns to 2020 and Beyond: Update July 2014
11/16/2014  Ethan Harris There’s A Major Problem With The Popular Chart That Connects The Fed To The Stock Market
11/9/2014 Floyd Norris Attempting to disabuse the public of the notion:Government lying and cheating in data reports
11/1/2014 Natalie Kitroeff Why Americans Will Believe Anything You Tell Them, in One Chart
9/28/2014 Michael Batnick True story about the “death cross” in the Russell 2000
7/20/2014 John Lounsbury Japan: Machinery Orders Collapse (or Do They?)
7/6/2014 Derek Thompson The Misguided Freakout About Basement-Dwelling Millennials
6/29/2014 Barry Ritholtz When Correlations Lie
6/15/2014  Bill McBride 41-Year-Olds and the Labor Force Participation Rate
6/1/2014  Paul Kasriel Reporting Unemployment Not A Fool’s Job
5/25/2014 Barry Ritholtz and The Truth About Auto Sales
 Matt Hardigree That Zero Hedge Article On Unsold Cars Is Bullshit
5/11/2014 Tyler Vigen Spurious Correlations
3/1/2014 Scott Grannis China does not have a problem
2/24/2014 Julian Close An entertaining and persuasive article covering three different sources of misleading information
2/15/2014 Ryan Detrick (Schaeffer’s) and Bespoke Investment Group Those who stepped up with a timely debunking of the infamous 1929 chart
1/19/2014 The Bespoke Investment Group Big Wall Street movies signal market tops