Sector Update and A Personal Note

Normally we post a weekly update on recommended sectors each Thursday.  In a small office there are sometimes disruptions.  We had some surprises last week, including some emergency absences as the same time others were on leave.  In addition, some of my best friends from my Wisconsin days appeared in Naperville on Thursday in a move carefully orchestrated by my family.  The occasion was a celebration of one of those "round" birthdays.  While I managed our trading on Friday, of course, the key concept was that I was to dial back my work schedule for a few days and celebrate with my friends.

I guess I should post a note on the site explaining such things, since I got a few emails inquiring about my health.  Anyway, other than being older and very busy, I am fine.  There are a number of interesting topics in my writing queue, and I’ll try to get back on track.

I appreciate the community of readers for "A Dash" and I’ll try to communicate better.


The table below shows the TCA-ETF update as of last Wednesday night, our normal update time.  It is interesting to note that the model emphasizes foreign and energy holdings, while still indicating that most of the sector choices have a "buy" rating.  The top sectors are those also favored by commentators who are much  more bearish on US equities.  They are also not pure momentum plays, since many were the result of the "cyclical" part of the model.

Regular readers will note that this is not always the case.  We define a cycle as ending when the model has us completely out of the market.  That is also the beginning of a new cycle.  We are on the third cycle since we have been reporting the weekly sector findings.


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