Reader Help Sought

I have a report (and a screen shot) from a reader showing a lot of blank space on the "Dash" page before the content starts.  I have not been able to replicate this on any of the office computers or our home computers.

If the display does not look right, please email us (main at newarc dot com).  If possible, please include what web browser you are using as well as the version.



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  • Ian October 21, 2011  

    What browser does the error occur in?

  • oldprof October 21, 2011  

    Ian – the report was that the error occurred in several different browsers and from more than one location.

  • Ellie K October 22, 2011  

    Dash of Insight looks flawless when viewed with Chrome browser, Win 7 from Arizona, at 02:00 P.S.T. on 22 October.

  • Angel Martin October 22, 2011  

    Jeff, I don’t have any problems with the display of articles, but the comment preview sometimes cuts off the right half of the lines, and doesn’t allow scrolling down in the comment preview (Safari 5.1)