Market Outlook Went to Neutral

Those following our intermediate outlook probably noticed that our vote in the TickerSense Poll went to neutral last week.

The prior week’s bullish call did not work so well, as one of our commenters noted.  We congratulate anyone who had excellent timing on when the long-trumpeted market risks hit.  The model we use for overall market timing has had a great long-term result.  It gets us on the right side of big moves, and it  anticipates some switches.  Results like last week go with the territory.

Unlike others who keep their votes anonymous, we have elected to reveal our intermediate term calls.  Our simulations tell us that there will be some negative swings.  Any experienced trader or investor understands this.  We knew that we would look foolish at the time when we decided on this course.  Readers should understand that this is an educational process.  The basis for the timing model is laid out in more detail here.

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  • Betty Perry August 2, 2007  

    Is there a portfolio of stocks associated with this site?

  • Jeff Miller August 2, 2007  

    Betty –
    Thanks for your question.
    We do not post a portfolio because we are not giving investment advice or recommendations. This is an educational process. The methods we use are not right for everyone.
    We are always happy to provide more information about programs that are suitable to particular investors. Send an email or give me a call if you want to learn more.