Jim Cramer on Conference Calls

Jim Cramer just did his ‘Stop Trading’ spot on CNBC.  He stated that what he was reading in the media concerning corporate guidance was NOT what he himself heard on the conference calls.

This is reassuring.  For a while there I was beginning to think that I was the only one really listening to what the company executives actually said.

Cramer also reported that the media and many stock analysts were far too negative on the consumer, retail sales, and overall economic strength.  As the realization hits that 2006 earnings are not the peak, cyclical stocks will get both more ‘E’ and more ‘M’ (a higher PE multiple).

At "A Dash" we expect the Cycle of Negativity to end and stock valuations to return to more normal levels.  Future posts will discuss catalysts, but market action like that of the last two days may be just the start.

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