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Our Reports

We have a report package available to potential investors.  Just send us an email with a request.  Each report describes an element of our investment approach and is updated regularly to reflect current events.

  1. Great Stocks Overview with FAQs: Our Great Stocks program, which has beaten the S&P 500 by a nice margin over eleven years.
  2. The Enhanced Yield Program: Based on Jeff’s hugely popular Quest for Yield series, this report details one of our newest programs. We start by selecting strong dividend stocks and selling calls against them, using our expert market timing data to put you on the right side of the big market moves.
  3. Understanding Risk: Investors are constantly bombarded with doom and gloom predictions from mainstream financial media sources, but how often are the pundits actually correct? Ask yourself: What is your risk tolerance?

Interview with Charles Kirk

Charles Kirk asked some good questions in this interview for his popular and helpful site, The Kirk Report.  Readers wanting to know more about Jeff will get a lot of information about his background, ideas, and methods.


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Top Articles

Here are some articles with an emphasis on the problems of the individual investor.  If you did everything we suggest in these articles, you would make a lot of money — since you would be following most of our rules.  Beware!  It is not easy.


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