Getting the Most from A Dash

Someone suggested that I use a program that shows whether people actually follow links.  OK, most do not.

My approach is much different from most daily financial or trading blogs.  I read them, and you should too.  We feature these recommended sites.  They often find articles that I would miss.  Brett Steenbarger, our friend at Abnormal Returns, Trader Mike, Barry Ritholtz, Gary Smith, and Charles Kirk provide a great reading agenda for us.

With so many people doing this so well, my approach is quite different.  I try to think about current issues of significance, and link back to articles that provide evidence or color for the story.  It is a way of taking information that might otherwise seem fragmented, and helping readers to see how it fits together.  To do this right takes hours of work on each topic.  Some have joked that my analysis is longer than the original story!

It may not be a "linkfest" but it may highlight ideas that you might have missed.  Even if you saw the article before, it might be like reading a good book for a second time – with a different perspective.  Think of it as a "summary linkfest" with some perspective.

"A Dash" is a blog about a book.  Our eventual book audience is not even reading the stories right now.  Current readers are the preview audience.  Their comments and suggestions always help to sharpen my thinking and improve my work. To take best advantage, please take a little more time and check out the references.

Just a thought …  and comments most welcome.

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  • islandrover April 19, 2007  

    Your links are great – and I have many posted in a folder that each morning, premarket, I just ‘open all in tabs.’ I have another folder for weekends. That won’t show in your metrics. But I got a few really good ones here, and I just wanted to say thanks for the links… and thanks for the insightful commentary and concept reviews.

  • Jeff April 19, 2007  

    Thanks Island.
    I rarely look at those reports and maybe I shouldn’t take the numbers so seriously. It comes with the territory that a former prof wants to document things.
    Your comment helps me to understand that some will find it useful, and that can’t be measured.