Fun with CNBC

Financial offices and trading floors have CNBC on in the background, and we’re no different.  Like many who are serious about markets, we miss the old days when the proportion of financial news was higher and you had to know the ticker symbols on the tape.

Most of us have the sound on mute so that we can work without interruption, but still be aware of any breaking news that hits TV first.  CNBC knows this, so they have been supplying helpful captions to accompany the annoying charts, sound effects, and graphics.  If something really important is happening, or we want to see an entire interview, TIVO lets us retrace.

And now for the fun —

Many years ago I pointed out that the frequency of putting up the wrong graphic, stock symbol, or chart seemed to increase in May.  I called this the "intern error" figuring graphics entry to be a typical summer job.

Now (we think) the interns get to write the captions, so when you check out what is happening you can find a new brand of "intern error."

Today we got ‘Affect [sic] at the Pump’ which might have had something to do with how you felt about fuel prices.  It was changed to "Effects" a minute later.

Yesterday we got noted economist Alan Binder [sic] and that was corrected to Blinder a minute later.  At least someone is watching and correcting.

The worst case was a couple of weeks ago on the spinning lamp post. It says things like "Eye on the Floor" and "Eye on the Street" and shows some sponsor’s name and logo as it spins.  One afternoon it said "Eye on a Rock."

I thought that maybe it was a story about Prudential, but no, sadly, it was about the Middle East!

The work is tough enough.  It does not hurt to have a little fun

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  • Michael August 9, 2006  

    funny… but since you’re catching mistakes, shouldn’t you have used “worst” here — “The worse case was”

  • oldprof August 9, 2006  

    Right! Fixed:) Thanks, Mike.