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    Projecting permanent improvement as of Aug. 20, 2020.

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    Jeff P

    Only 88 companies of 5,000+ made the cut in my Acquirers Multiple screener. But 5 of them were homebuilders, so I would agree this is a good industry right now.

    In rank order, they were:
    #1 TPH
    #2 PHM
    #3 Very close results, so 3-way tie: KBH, LEN, and MTH

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    @Jeff P

    I’m not sure about your screening criteria, but one of my key items is management flexibility. Companies that have or are adapting to the changing demand profile are in a position to do the best. Right now that means smaller homes and younger buyers.


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    Home building is booming in Colorado due to low interest rates and the fact that construction has been deemed essential, so it never slowed down. Homes less than 2500 sq feet are being built on speculation and are sold before construction is complete. Until 18 months ago the home builders have focused on larger more expensive homes since they make more $$ profit on those, but the demand for more affordable homes is the highest in 30 years and many of them finally realized it’s a gold mine. I don’t have a particular Co to recommend, just wanted to share my observations.


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