Final Notice to Our RSS Feed Subscribers

This is our second (and final) notice to those who read "A Dash" via email or by following our RSS feed.

Some time ago Google bought out Feedburner – which was the basis for our RSS and email subscriptions.  They suggested that you should "claim your feed" by linking it with to your Google account. My problem was that my Google account is a personal email, not linked to my professional activities.  I did not want to make this connection, causing numerous problems.


To solve these problems, we have decided to create a new feed from a new Google account. This means that subscribers must adopt the new feed if they want continued service. We obviously do not want to lose any long-time friends, but we need to clean this up. 

To sign up for the new feed, please visit directly. You will find the new widgets for RSS and email sign up in between the search bar and the "Categories" section on the left sidebar.  To verify, the correct url for the new feed should be <>.

We will switch to the new feed exclusively this Wednesday, August 8. Please make the transition to the new feed as soon as possible.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for reading!

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