ETF Update: Mid-Week Bullish Changes

Each week we provide a ranking of ETF's.  We show our macro perspective as well as highlighting specific sectors of interest.  We do this based upon closing data from Thursday, with a complete record of our positions and trading from the prior week.

Mid-week trading is part of our business.  We run our model twice daily and adjust positions as indicated for individual accounts — our customers.

For this reason, we do not advertise our ratings as a "trading signal."  It is intended as news information, something that the ETF investor can consider as part of his/her own decision process.

Occasionally, something happens that is pretty dramatic.  When it occurs very quickly after my weekly update, I feel uncomfortable about the message from my regular weekend article.

Today we saw a major change in our ratings, with many sectors emerging from our penalty box.  With the market highly correlated to the dollar, this is not a big surprise.  Many technically-based methods trigger with breakouts when there are new highs.


Our posture changed dramatically today with a number of new buys.  These include several of the top ETF's in our list, escaping the penalty box.  We hinted that this might happen, but in addition to RYH, we bought GDX, QQQQ, and some other highly ranked sectors.  We are now fully invested.

Once again for emphasis, I am not promising to do a mid-week update any time there is a change in the model.  In this case, it seemed especially important to share the change with loyal readers.

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