ETF Position Update

Each week we publish the ratings from our TCA-ETF model.  Regular readers know that we use sector information to take a market perspective, but also choose individual ETF's.

I also choose a sector to highlight each week, providing fundamental information, a chart, our reasoning, and comments from other experts.

As we always note, this is not intended as investment advice.  A sector rotation program is not suitable for all investors.  Our time frame may be different from the reader's.  It is news information, intended to be an additional source of information — only a part of your own due diligence.

We strongly recommend that readers who like the system should just call me and consider becoming a client.  We run the model twice a day (at least) and respond immediately to any changes.  I try to keep costs low and deliver a service that adds value.  We help investors determine suitability, needed account size, and expected trading costs.

Having said this, I know that some readers are trading the (delayed) signals on their own.  I try very hard to highlight sectors that I think will be strong candidates, at least for the upcoming week.  In yesterday's article I noted that many sectors were getting a penalty box flag, and that this might happen mid-week.

In general, I do not provide mid-week updates on ETF's.  This is mostly out of respect to our clients, who pay for a real-time service.  Having said this, I am uncomfortable with yesterday's highlight of VGT, which hit our penalty box today.  I still like VGT for a longer-term play, but we will sell tomorrow in trading accounts.  Given the swift change, I feel it appropriate to give a "mid-week" update.  We respect the current level of risk in the market, and hold only partial positions in our ETF trading.

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  • Mike November 3, 2009  

    Jeff–I don’t trade on your signals, though I study them carefully each week. This post speaks volumes about your integrity. Thank you.

  • Jeff Miller November 3, 2009  

    Thanks, Mike. I hope that others share your reaction.