Election Effect on Stocks

Those following the markets are taking a growing interest in the Presidential election.  While it may seem early to some, others are already pondering the consequences of a win by Democrats, particularly those with a market-unfriendly agenda.

We are exploring these prospects with a research project at our sister site, Election Stocks.  Those participating in the site include a staff of workers and a group of PhD political scientists who advise and comment.

It is a work in progress, as we seek to follow the progress of candidates, identify issues, and link specific stocks to particular candidates.  Our ultimate objective is to create specific candidate portfolios on the best site for tracking such ideas, Stockpickr.com.  Since we do not pretend to have all of the answers, we have chosen to do our research in an open forum, inviting participation from all.

We invite the astute readership of  "A Dash" to participate in this discussion.  The best way to join in is to go to the candidate forum and highlight specific stocks of interest.  It is important that we attract stock experts as well as those interested in politics.

Our objective is not to advocate candidates.  It is to help investors by discovering stocks that will gain or lose based upon the election results.

We also wish to thank Charles Kirk, who regularly discovers what we should all be reading, for his help in mentioning this effort.

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