Dr. Brett Steenbarger — A Big Hit with the CANSLIM Crowd

Readers of "A Dash" are already familiar with Brett Steenbarger’s work from our past citations and references.  His website generously includes many thoughtful and practical articles on trading, both from his 2003 book, The Psychology of Trading (order them from his site!), and his forthcoming book, Enhancing Trader Performance.  He also finds time to produce a daily weblog covering his thoughts and a list of useful links.

When I learned that he was the featured speaker at the meeting of the local IBD meetup group, I took advantage of the opportunity to hear him in person.

I knew that it would be a talk with great substance, and I was not disappointed.  Dr. Steenbarger has a great message for any trader or investor, regardless of the chosen methodology.  He is also an excellent speaker, immediately connecting with his audience and getting them personally involved.  His major themes are peppered with convincing real-life examples that kept the audience engaged and laughing.  Any of us could see ourselves facing the problems he described about keeping the right focus for sound decisions.

In his conclusion, Dr. Steenbarger showed how traders could follow proven techniques to improve their performance.  The advice was realistic and practical.  His new book is based on discovering the elements leading to great performance, derived from many fields.  I look forward to it, since I suspect the application will be much broader than trading.  It will be helpful for those of us who compete in other activities as well.

Readers should keep an eye on his extensive speaking calendar, and take advantage of any opportunity to see him in person.

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