Bad News

It’s Derek again. My dad, Jeff Miller, died on May 7, 2021. It was a total shock. Even though he had been hospitalized for over two months, all indications were that he was recovering steadily. Just the day before, he had been deemed stable enough to be transferred out of a step-down hospital and into a rehab facility. We really thought the worst was behind us.

With that in mind, I apologize for the delay in reporting the bad news. It’s been difficult to sit down and write about his passing. But you, his faithful readers, deserve to know how much you meant to him.

I feel like this cliché gets thrown around a lot, but I can only describe my dad’s writing as a labor of love. For about as long as I can remember, he dedicated almost every Saturday to drafting the latest installment in his Weighing the Week Ahead series. Often, he wouldn’t be happy with what he’d written until two or three in the morning.

Jeff undertook that great effort because he keenly appreciated that so many of you valued and relied on his insight—of which, I would argue, he offered more than “a dash.” Perhaps his favorite part of this process was engaging with the thoughtful comments many of you would leave each week (he even had some fun dismissing the not-so-thoughtful comments).

Moreover, Jeff cherished the relationships he formed as his readership grew. That much is as true for readers who became clients, as it is for peers who became his regular sources, as it is for those featured in his “Best of the Week” section.

In a media landscape riddled with ill-informed punditry, fearmongering, and misinformation, Jeff was one of a few level-headed and reasonable voices—and he knew it. We are all worse off to have lost him.

Because there is so much to be gained from his work on this site, I intend to keep it up and running for as long as possible.

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  • Paul Nunes May 26, 2021  

    Hello Derek; Jeff helped make being a professional in the investment industry fun; I got to become his student as well as a friend. You are right; there was much more than a “Dash of Insight” within his weekly insights. He was a man with an exceptional mind and I really benefited from his friendship. My condolences to you and “Mrs. Old Prof”.

  • wkevinw May 26, 2021  

    I am very sorry to hear that. Old Prof’s writing was insightful and productive for everybody who read it. It brought up the meaningful, fundamental reasons behind investment decisions, and Jeff was willing to debate in a professional and careful style.

    I am grateful for the insight. Jeff provided much more than a dash of that.

    My condolences to the family, co-workers and colleagues.



    • Luis Leigh May 27, 2021  

      Thanks for you note to let us know about your Dad’s passing. I followed Old Prof for many years and I will miss his weekly insights on US markets. I always enjoyed how he managed to keep party politics out while still carefully considering the impacts of political decisions. My sincere condolences you and family and best wishes on keeping up the advisory work. Luis Leigh – Ottawa, Canada.

  • Dal Paull May 26, 2021  

    Jeff was simply the best. I subscribed early to “A Dash” when it was a much smaller pool of reading investors. He stuck out on day one with his intelligence, absolute dedication to his readers, sense of humor, and investing knowledge. He was truly a needle in a haystack. Equally obvious was what an exceptional person he was. I was very pleased to see his reader base multiply on Seeking Alpha. I was glued to his articles during the financial crisis. Jeff was my voice of sanity in the firestorm. Jeff Miller, I thank you with the whole of my being.

    I am so very sorry for your loss, Derek. We are all better off having crossed paths with Jeff.

  • John Malcolm May 27, 2021  

    Thanks for the update! Jeff will be missed by many.

  • Jim Cunningham May 27, 2021  

    Derek, really sorry for your loss! Losing a father (or mother) is one of life’s toughest challenges. Your father made me a much better investor. I looked forward to Dash every week for his insightful commentary. Best wishes for success as you continue his work.

  • Dal Paull May 27, 2021  

    One other small anecdote.

    (First, I can’t, believe I was Jeff’s “student” for nearly 25 years.)

    Jeff wrestled with taking time off for needed vacations, or any other reason life became more important than writing his weekly articles. I would write him and quip, “We’ll be fine, Jeff. Enjoy your time off.” It illustrates how much dedication he had to his readers.

    It’s tempting to say, this time we won’t be fine. But, we’re better. We’re better-educated investors, many of us have more financial security, and hopefully, are better people. I am certain Jeff would be very pleased.

  • Donald A Perrine May 27, 2021  

    Derek, Jeff was to me more than a leader in critical thinking, helping us”students” to learn facts and stay focused; he was above all a truly good person. He seemed dedicated to helping his students at the expense of many other personal options.

    My condolences to you, Mrs. Old Prof and his close friends. We’ve all lost both a wonderful leader and and an exceptional person. Don Perrine

  • Jonas Haraldson May 27, 2021  

    Derek, I’m very sad to hear that Jeff is no longer among us. He was indeed a dependable voice of reason in a world full of both unrealistic hype and fearmongering doom. His levelheaded analysis guided me away from Zero Hedge sensationalism in the early 2010s. I think I’ve read every single weekly update since and I’m deeply thankful for everything I’ve learned.

    My heartfelt condoleances to you and the rest of the Oldprof family and circle of friends.

  • Bruce Robinson May 27, 2021  

    Derek, you certainly have your father’s gift for writing. Although I already knew the horrible news you needed to convey, you included thoughts that helped me accept “our” loss and look forward with hope. Thank you.

    I had spoken to your father only a couple of times, but I feel that you must be absolutely correct about his interest in others and desire to educate. His weekly article was my most treasured investment reading; not just for the advice, but also the education and the humour.

    I look forward with interest to what you will do with this site. Meanwhile, I hope your family, and especially Mrs. OldProf, can focus solely on the memories of a great man.

  • Vic May 27, 2021  

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Jeff’s work was some of the most objective, thorough and insightful available. I read it religiously and he will be missed by so many whose lives were better for having known him or followed his work.

  • James Kuykendall May 28, 2021  

    I am so sorry to hear of this. I always looked forward to reading his Weighing the Week Ahead posts. Jeff’s humor and warmth always came through in his writings. His insights kept me calm when the market was anything but calm. Condolences to Mrs. old Prof and the whole family.

  • Absolute Allah May 30, 2021  

    My condolences to you and yours!

    I came across Jeff at Seeking Alpha, For a developing trader he embodied the term “Top Down” Approach. I learned so much just by reading. I’m sure we are all better for having studied his works! I’m a Black Dude from the Bronx and I screamed out in horror when i came here to check on the great Old Prof!


  • Mike June 1, 2021  

    I’m very sorry to hear the terrible news of Jeff’s passing. I always made it a point to start my week with WTWA. I learned so much from Jeff’s work over the years. Like Derek and many others have already said, Jeff’s objective and level headed approach was a breath of fresh air in a world filled with sensationalized headlines and biased analysis. There is no doubt that he saved many investors from making bad decisions.

    I emailed Jeff a few times over the years with some questions and observations. Even though he didn’t know me or stood to gain anything from my connection, he always replied back with thoughtful responses. That goes to show what a genuine kind man he was. The highlight of my blogging career was when Jeff linked to one of my articles in his WTWA about 8 years ago. It opened up doors for me that never would have happened if not for Jeff.

    The community lost a great one and I feel like I’ve lost a friend even though I never got the pleasure of meeting Jeff personally. I’m thankful we had him for as long as we did. My deepest condolences to his family. Jeff you will be missed dearly. Rest in peace.