Jeffrey A. Miller, Ph.D.

Portfolio Manager, Incline Investment Advisors, LLC

Formerly President, NewArc Investments, Inc.

Strategic advisor to early stage companies.

Volunteer work for public advisory groups and private organizations.

Jeff is a former college professor with a hands-on, real world attitude. His quantitative modeling helped inform state and local officials in Wisconsin for more than a decade. A Public Policy analyst, he taught advanced research methods at the University of Wisconsin, and analyzed many issues related to state tax policy.

Through his years of experience in trading options, futures and equities, Jeff has come to be regarded as an expert in interpreting the effect of news on the markets and individual stocks. Jeff has served as a forensic expert in several cases involving such issues. He has also written a series of papers on investment management, describing both quantitative methods and those related to behavioral economics.

In 1987 Jeff began work for market makers at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. His approach included finding anomalies in the standard option pricing models and developing new forecasting techniques. Merging these quantitative techniques with specific company analysis, Jeff also generated trading ideas from sell-side analyst reports.

In 1991 Jeff began a general research consultancy for professional traders at all of the Chicago financial exchanges, undertaking projects in both financial futures and options.

In 1997 Jeff launched NewArc Investments, Inc. and began managing both partnerships and individual accounts.

And now? While still managing portfolios, his emphasis is on writing and analyzing markets.

Jeff’s interests include reading, music, technology, gadgets, baseball, bridge, other games of the mind, and contemplating the human condition.